Employees work for bosses

Employees follow leaders.

Under a boss, most people will do their job until it’s completed.  Under a leader, people develop a passionate commitment towards work, often motivating them to do more than the job if it means it can help the team achieve the leader’s vision. Organizations are dramatically more satisfied and more productive when they follow a leader rather than work for a boss.

What are some key qualities that leaders have that bosses don’t?

– COMMUNICATES a clear vision of goals together with each  employee’s role and benefit from making it happen.

– CONFIDENCE in a successful outcome for his/her plan.

– TEAM BUILDER in adding competent people who have the skills for achieving the vision and enhance the organizational culture.

– RESPECT for the team, both for the people and ideas.

– FAIRNESS without double standards.

– RESPONSIBILITY is taken for his/her decisions no matter their outcome.   The team feels that the leader always has their back.

– THANK YOUs are given generously.

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