The holiday season is in full swing. Perhaps a celebratory mood is permeating through your organization—if you’ve fostered an effective leadership culture, it certainly should. After all, having an effective leadership culture is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

This time of year also serves as an annual reminder that effective leadership culture doesn’t necessarily mean being serious all the time—in fact, many of the most effective leaders know how to employ a sense of fun in the workplace without it hindering productivity. Sure, it’s important to know when to buckle down and get your hands dirty, but if that’s what your organization has to do all the time, perhaps your leadership culture needs an overhaul.

The image of a Scrooge or Grinch as the boss might be fine for Hollywood, but in the real world it does not go far towards creating a successful enterprise.  If employees at an organization are whistling while they work, so to speak, chances are it’s because they look forward to coming to work every day knowing that their leader is an approachable, capable person in that role.

The best part about being jovial is that it’s free! A positive-minded leader begets a positive-minded, productive organization. It’s meaningful for your team and always accessible, no matter your resources.

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