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As a former CEO and a recognized thought leader and influencer, Stan is a widely read nationally syndicated columnist on leadership and the author of Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success. He speaks and writes on how to build competitive advantage for your business and yourself as you advance in your career. His mission: to help others be successful.

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Focus on what is mission critical to your business

The success of all organizations depends on how well their mission critical imperatives are executed. In Boeing’s case, their mission critical imperative is to build safe aircraft. Boeing’s mission statement needs to be “we build our aircraft as if our children and grandchildren will be flying on them.” As a...

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The gap between employers and Gen Z workers is a problem—and an opportunity

My advice to Gen Zers: Differentiate yourself from your peers to compete for that next promotion by meeting/exceeding expectations and have a sense of ownership for what you are responsible for. Demonstrate your value proposition. Exercise initiative and creativity. Undertake assignments that push you outside your comfort zone. Challenge paradigms,...

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Why toxic leaders should never be tolerated

Individuals who are toxic are not trusted by their peers or direct reports. The actions of everyone they work with have a defensive component, which hinders any group from becoming a high-performance team. Toxic people don’t realize that they are damaging their personal integrity and reputation, important traits which determine...

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