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As a former CEO and a recognized thought leader and influencer, Stan is a widely read nationally syndicated columnist on leadership and the author of Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success. He speaks and writes on how to build competitive advantage for your business and yourself as you advance in your career. His mission: to help others be successful.

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Embrace these fundamental principles of effective leadership

Be a leader that people want to follow. Meet your commitments. Lead in a way that makes everyone on your team feel like they matter. Exhibit the right tone at the top and nurture the right organizational culture. Inspire your people to be the best versions of themselves. Don’t tolerate...

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Warren Buffett on the importance of ethics and integrity

The most admired leaders are those who have a personal reputation for acting ethically and with integrity, and establishing a culture in which their employees do the same. The organizations with these types of leaders are the ones people want to work for and that flourish over the long term....

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Boeing board needs to do a better job with its oversight responsibility

The Boeing board needs to ensure whistleblowers are protected and that those who threaten whistleblowers are fired. The company needs to significantly tighten up not only its safety processes and procedures, but also its execution. Boeing needs a mission statement that will resonate with employees and make them personally invested...

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