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As a former CEO and a recognized thought leader and influencer, Stan is a widely read nationally syndicated columnist on leadership and the author of Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success. He speaks and writes on how to build competitive advantage for your business and yourself as you advance in your career. His mission: to help others be successful.

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Stay ahead of the market to avoid being obsoleted by competition

How do you avoid being overtaken by a competitor introducing a new product or service? Develop products and services that customers and clients don’t yet know they need, even if it means making obsolete your current product or service offering. Better you do it than a competitor. Follow the advice...

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How not to increase shareholder value

Is violating the law and paying fines just the cost of doing business, placing profits above corporate responsibility? No! I like the ethical standard to which Warren Buffett held the employees of Salomon Brothers when he served as interim chairman: “Lose money for the firm, and I will be understanding....

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My 500th column: Advice fundamental to your personal success

This is an important milestone for me—my 500th column published by the Philadelphia Business Journal. In this column, I share advice that I believe is fundamental to our personal success. These are: Take advantage of opportunities that come your way and create your own opportunities. Get out of your comfort...

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