The Paris Attacks: Effective Leadership is the Key to Winning the Fight Against Terror

Article originally published in the Philadelphia Business Journal on November 16, 2015

On Nov. 13, the world was shocked by six ruthless and barbaric coordinated terror attacks in Paris against fans at a soccer match, people enjoying a concert and those dining at restaurants. These were people spending what they thought would be an enjoyable Friday evening in Paris. The Islamic State (ISIS) has taken credit for these attacks.

The toll stands at over 129 fatalities and over 350 injured, many critically. This was the latest of dozens of terrorist attacks over recent decades against civilians around the world going about their daily activities, and only two weeks after an ISIS affiliate in Egypt took responsibility for downing a Russian airliner over the Sinai, killing 224 people on board.

After the Paris attacks, French president Francois Hollande stated, “In the face of terror we must be united. We will vanquish these terrorists. This is war.” Russian president Vladimir Putin stated, “This tragedy has become another testimony of terrorism’s barbarity. It is clear that the real unification of the international community’s efforts is needed for an effective fight against this evil.” On this issue, Russia is aligned with the West.

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