When An Employee Violates Company Policy For The Right Reasons

Article originally published in the Philadelphia Business Journal on October 2, 2014

My column in the Philadelphia Business Journal this week emphasizes why great leaders hire people with good critical judgment and that while company policies are inherently a positive thing, great leadership means knowing when to react situationally to their violation.

“Having good critical judgment means having the ability to weigh the consequences of an action that violates company policy, determine whether the benefits of the action outweigh the possible negatives and be able to justify the action to your boss as having made the right decision. Having good critical judgment as a leader means having the ability to determine, in a particular situation, if your employee was justified in violating company policy.

These are also great opportunities to test whether a company policy is logical. Ever wonder about all of the policies at your company, and whether some are no longer valid, especially those that have been on the books for years, and never questioned? Policies should be re-evaluated periodically, and if a policy is no longer relevant, it should be taken off the books.”

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