Philadelphia must address the issue of crime

We need to change the mindset of people who commit crimes. They need to know that they will be arrested and prosecuted. Candidates for mayor in the May 2023 primary election need to outline in detail how they will address the issue of crime in Philadelphia, This is our city’s number one issue.

As CFO, do you know what your CEO and board expect of you?

What does the CEO want from their CFO? A true business partner, a champion of continuous improvement, will part company with toxic direct reports and an individual who develops strong partnerships with the company’s business leaders. What do boards want from the CFO? Independence, integrity and candor. No surprises.

Leaders can learn from those they lead

Many leaders don’t realize they can learn not only from direct reports, but from anyone in their organization, even hourly workers on the factory floor. They have a different perspective. They are not jaded by past failures or stuck in old paradigms. They don’t know that things can’t be done.