How not to increase shareholder value

Is violating the law and paying fines just the cost of doing business, placing profits above corporate responsibility? No! I like the ethical standard to which Warren Buffett held the employees of Salomon Brothers when he served as interim chairman: “Lose money for the firm, and I will be understanding. Lose a shred of reputation for the firm, and I will be ruthless.”

Employee trust in their leaders is key to building a high performance team

The foundation of every effective organization is trust in that organization’s leadership. An annual Gallup survey indicated that in August 2023, only 23% of employees agreed with the survey question, “I trust the leadership of this organization.” Quoting the Gallup survey, “However, when leaders communicate clearly, lead and support change, and inspire confidence in the future, 95% of employees say they fully trust their leaders.” So, how does a leader engender trust?

What it takes for your company to move from good to great

Achieving greatness is a journey that never ends. Very few organizations ever achieve greatness, even though at times leaders and those who they lead may use that term to describe their organization. As CEO, I would tell our employees never to refer to our company as great. This is for third parties to do, and our response should always be, “Thank you, but we are on a journey, and have a long way to go to achieve greatness.”

Why leaders should encourage out-of-the-box thinking

When searching for a new position, an important element of your value proposition is your ability to solve problems by exercising initiative and creativity and by breaking paradigms—the accepted ways of doing things. Include in your resume how you broke paradigms in previous positions to solve problems. Ensure that this is a focal point during your personal interview. It will differentiate you from others applying for the position.

The next president of Harvard will need to navigate a torturous DEI road

The board of Harvard will be searching for a new president who will need to navigate a difficult torturous DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) road. The most important traits the Harvard board should be looking for in a new president are superb leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and a deep understanding of the polarization that DEI as defined by Harvard is causing. The reputation of Harvard depends on it.

Saxbys teaches college students to be future business leaders

One of the greatest opportunities a college student can be granted is the responsibility to run a business, lead employees and be held accountable for achieving results. On average, college students achieve their first managerial position seven years after graduation. For those who have been Saxbys student cafe executive officers, on average they achieve their first managerial position 12 months after graduation.

HBO’s ‘Succession’ demonstrates the need for a family company leadership succession plan

Family-controlled companies eventually need to make a choice—do they want the company to be a vehicle to employ family members, or do they want it to be an engine of wealth creation for shareholders? Their company is competing against the best in the world, requiring it to be led by the best who can successfully compete. It’s rare that the most capable leaders can be found inside the family.