Why Comcast must walk the walk on customer service

Article originally published in the Philadelphia Business Journal on February 2, 2015

An incident hit the news late last week in which a Comcast customer in Spokane, Wash., learned his name had been replaced on his account with a vulgarity after he canceled his service. The incident went viral on social media and was widely reported in the press.

Comcast Senior Vice President of Customer Experience Charlie Herrin released the following statement: “… We have apologized to our customer for this unacceptable situation and addressed it directly with the employee who will no longer be working on behalf of Comcast. We are also looking at a number of technical solutions that would prevent it from happening moving forward. We took this opportunity to reinforce with each employee just how important respect is to our culture. …”

A few days prior to this incident becoming public, I interviewed Herrin and Senior Vice President for Customer Service Tom Karinshak to learn more about Comcast’s journey to improve customer experience. I have no doubt that both individuals and the executive leadership of the company view improvement of customer experience with Comcast as an imperative. Given the number and frequency of negative experiences that have gone viral, they have much work to do, to change the perceptions of the public.

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