Valuable Insights for Today's Leaders

Hire people who know when to break the rules. Empower them to do so.

Always hire people with common sense and good critical judgment, because someday they may need to violate company policy or their authority to save the company money, reduce liability exposure or protect its reputation. Employees who on occasion violate company policy for the right reasons are your change agents and future leaders. Celebrate them.

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HBO’s ‘Succession’ demonstrates the need for a family company leadership succession plan

Family-controlled companies eventually need to make a choice—do they want the company to be a vehicle to employ family members, or do they want it to be an engine of wealth creation for shareholders? Their company is competing against the best in the world, requiring it to be led by the best who can successfully compete. It’s rare that the most capable leaders can be found inside the family.

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A lesson in narrowing the political divide in our country

An email conversation with one of my readers narrowed the gap in our views because we listened to each other and acknowledged each other’s points even when we did not necessarily agree with them. We are all patriots. We need to talk to each other and not at each other about issues impacting our nation.

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