Valuable Insights for Today's Leaders

The Philadelphia Eagles are in the Super Bowl for one simple reason — they hired the right people

What lessons for all organizations does the Eagles’ success demonstrate? Jim Collins in his iconic leadership book “Good to Great” was right when he wrote, “[Get] the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus).” Hire the right people. You won’t regret the money you spend to do so. Paraphrasing Collins, the right people will take your organization someplace great.

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Are Elon Musk and Steve Jobs good examples on how to lead?

Musk and Jobs can be described as visionaries. I doubt that the leaders reporting to them would tolerate working for an autocrat and being micromanaged if, unlike Tesla and Apple, the company lacked the ‘cool factor” and didn’t produce inspiring widgets that change the world. Musk and Jobs are outliers—they are unique. Learn from and emulate them, without adopting the negative aspects of their leadership styles.

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Southwest Airlines meltdown is a lesson in mission critical failure

The Southwest Airlines meltdown is a lesson for all organizations. Determine what is mission critical and pursue a strategy to ensure that the mission can be fulfilled regardless of external adverse factors. Do you know what is mission critical for your company and can the mission still be fulfilled when events go south?

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What Coach Ted Lasso can teach us about leadership

“Be someone that people want to follow,” and lead in a way that “makes everyone on your team feel like they matter.” The leadership philosophy and principles practiced by Coach Ted Lasso are universal. They transcend professions. Follow them and you will be successful leading your organization.

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FTX: Latest example of auditor failing as financial guardians

Audit firms are the guardians that protect the investing public and those who rely on companies’ financial statements. It is imperative they have the capability to audit those companies and maintain their independence, especially when the fees received are a significant portion of the audit partner’s and audit firm’s income. They need to fire their client if they uncover a pattern of fraudulent practices.

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